Monday, June 24, 2013

2 Years Old!

We can't believe our little girl is two years old! The last year has been remarkable. Stella has grown from a snuggly baby to a silly, fun, caring, smart little girl. We enjoy every moment with her. We are so lucky and thankful that Stella is our daughter.

Stella's speech continues to amaze us day after day. She now asks and answers all sorts of questions. The other day during breakfast, totally out of the blue, I asked her which animals live on a farm and she started naming farm animals. We have never categorized animals like that. Josh and I were stunned. It's moments like those that are super fun as a parent. Those moments are priceless and reinforce the importance of all the time we spend engaged with Stella and all of the activities we involve her in. She just picks up everything now. Our little smarty pants.

Stella is also very social around other people, even strangers. She's in that magical phase where she thinks everyone in the world loves and cares about her, which also means she thinks everyone (even total strangers) would like to talk to her and hear all about her day. Luckily everyone thinks she's cute and funny and goes along with whatever she wants.

Now every time we get in the car she asks, "Where are we going, Mama?" And she really wants to know. When I tell her our destination she rambles on about what we will do there and/or what we did there last time we went. And I think it's adorable that she wants to know what is going on all the time. She's not just a little baby who is along for the ride anymore. It's fun and funny to be able to have actual conversations with her now.

At her two year check-up, Stella still weighed in at 25 pounds but she has grown to 32.5 inches tall. The doctor was still impressed with her advanced development and Stella is perfectly healthy. We were happy and surprised to learn that Stella is done with regular check-ups now. She doesn't need to go to the doctor again until she's ready for Kindergarten.

Here are some of our favorite pics of Stella from the last month...

at the park with Haylee

splashing in her pool

enjoying a blueberry snack at her picnic table

checking on the ladybugs in the garden

food and fun at our Memorial Day BBQ

she just sat there looking cute, so I just took a picture

harvesting her "matos" from the garden

camping at San Mateo

loving her first s'more

we walked to Trestles Beach from our campsite, so we took our (now) traditional photo of Stella on the giant S (last years pic on the left for a fun comparison) 

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